5 underrated yet most profitable business ideas in kenya to start with less capital 2023

Business ideas in kenya

Are you still looking for the most profitable business ideas in kenya which can be started with less capital? If yes then you are in the right place. In this article you will be surprised why you didn’t invest earlier enough after going through them.

There are tonnes of many small business ideas you can start in kenya, which many people under rate, yet they can make a couple of thousands shillings when managed seriously.

I know many who wish to explore new business ideas as a side hustle to multiply or add their income on their monotonous and sometimes stressful daily job.

Whereas , others are jobless and would want to keep themselves busy doing something profitable.

The idea of starting any prospectful business is exiting, since you have more control interms of decision making and also the zeal and gurve to make your customers satisfied.

It can be frustrating at times when starting a business which requires huge sum of capital but returns are minimal or at worst, no returns at all.

However it’s very exiting when you find a business idea which requires less capital but returns are humongous.

Below are the best and most profitable business ideas in kenya, which requires less capital and at the time slapping you with mouth watering returns.


When i say bakery, I don’t mean to set up big building with expensive bakery equipment. No , you only need to start small and develop further after learning your customers need.

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Demand for cakes in kenya has risen over time. It’s almost impossible when visiting a kenyan shop especially in the morning, that you miss a cake customer.

Tea or coffee must be accompanied by a bite of sweet cake or maandazi in most households. Whether in towns or in the villages , never mind the current harsh economic crisis.

This is a gap many prospective business people like you, seems to ignore yet will only require few bucks to start.

Motorcycle repair

An excellent business idea yet so underrated. Come to think of it , there are so many motorcycle riders in kenya. Have you ever wondered where this motorcycles are taken for repair?

Take this opportunity and learn mechanical course and specialize in motorcycle repair.

After completion set up a motorcycle repair shop and with some good marketing skills you will succeed with time.

Car wash businesses idea

Carwash is an excellent business when set up in urban areas. Less than hundred thousand shillings is required to start.

With so many vehicles on the kenyan roads you can be sure to harvest huge returns in a couple of months.

In this business good communication and high level client satisfaction is key to success.

Set up cosmetic shop

I’ve seen this business idea to perform so well in big towns and big estates.

Less capital is required to start a cosmetic shop though the place to set up is important. You don’t want to start cosmetic shop where there is low traffic of people from morning to evening.

After creating good customer relation it’s advisable to start offering pedicure and manicure services. The later have emerged to be an excellent business idea since demand has started to shoot up.

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Someone once told me that the next billionaire will be a farmer and I seem to agree.

This business has been neglected to retirees who are old, tired and still practising forgone agricultural method of production.

Agribusiness business is more profitable business venture that you can imagine.

With ridiculous high demand of food and vegetables , this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty and join in the tray.

Farming requires less capital and with good research and modern practise , success is inevitable.

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