Few Things You Will Notice on Luthuli Avenue New Look

Luthuli avenue new look

This post will show you how Luthuli Avenue new look has greatly transformed from the past when it was congested with matatus, noise pollution, and human traffic.

Pedestrians and business people operating this street can now breathe a sigh of relief and thank developers for providing them with a cool and serene environment through renovation. The once disorderly, chaotic, and noisy street in the central business district (CBD) now has some order. Pedestrians can now walk comfortably and relax on street benches put up along the Luthuli Avenue new look which has transformed into a one-way avenue.

Pedestrian walkways expansion has significantly improved the visibility of many businesses that operate along the street. While also it has made it convenient for buyers who occasionally visit the street to purchase electronic goods. The area was once identified as the most congested part of the city by the United Nations in 2017.

Motorists will only be able to join the road via Tom Mboya Street and exit through River Road. Notable casualties that were affected by the avenue renovations, are Eastleigh route matatus that were ejected out of the street. This was done to provide bigger space for trees, benches, and pedestrians walkways.

Currently, Luthuli Avenue is one of the most popular streets that ranks higher in selling electronic commodities. But with the new look, you’ll notice that it has opened up an increase in other types of businesses along the street. Due to competition brought about by a huge number of businesses in the area, everyone walking down the street is perceived to be a customer. Most businesses are seen scrabbling to get attention from pedestrians by attracting them to shop in their stores.

The number of hawkers has also increased in the area, though they often find themselves in the wrong place with city authorities who occasionally arrests them for selling goods in non-designated areas.

Nowadays, Luthuli avenue will greet you with painted black and white poles that have been put up to divide the attractive tarmac road for pedestrians. Street lights and road signs are strategically placed along the avenue with CCTV cameras which has significantly decreased insecurity problems around the place.

Along this street, you’ll notice services businesses are increasingly growing in huge numbers. Initially, there were few money lending institutions along the avenue, but recently, renowned banks and M-Pesa shops are now operating on this street. Petrol stations where motorists fuel their automobiles are also available.

To maintain cleanliness and tidiness in the area, authorities have set up litter bins for collecting garbage and litter from the public. Sanitary health measures have also been put into consideration through clean public lavatories managed by the city administrators.

As you can see, Luthuli Avenue new look is a beehive of activities from big businesses to smaller ones. The area has gained adorations through the renovations embodied by various stakeholders. And with changes, it has greatly impacted businesses and their customers in the region.

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