How to make your own Chicken feeds at home: cost friendly formula

The increasingly high cost of commercial feeds is forcing many small-scale farmers out of the business. This is bringing the cost of poultry production up to almost 90 percent. Which is way too high for any business to sustain.

Having the necessary knowledge and skills to produce your own poultry feeds would be an exemplary idea. It will also help in reducing production costs and expanding profits margin.

This post will show you how to easily formulate chicken feeds in your farmyard with raw materials/ ingredients used in assembling commercial feeds.

For the poultry business to blossom, feeding birds with the right quality feeds is not an alternative is a must. For good optimum growth, good health, and egg production, chickens need energy.

There has been an unending conspiracy theory that formulating your feeds is way too costly than purchasing them. But I’ve come to understand this vile and misleading theory was made so that feed traders can continue being in the business.

By the way, the most enterprising farmers are today making their high-quality poultry feeds without buying from feed traders. And thereby reaping huge profits.

You might find out that some of these commercial feeds in the current market are not up to standard. In fact, many chicken keepers have recorded huge losses while using these feeds. However, there are good ones though they are too expensive.

Poultry farmers who formulate their feeds at home roughly save about $5 to $7 per 50-kilogram bag. This is also the same profit margin that feeds traders make when they sell to you.

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Feed formula for broiler chickens

Broilers need distinct feed requirements according to their growth phase. Thus
It’s highly advisable to produce feeds in consideration of their growth stages.

For instance, while they are still young, high protein levels are needed for the growth of bones, feathers, muscles, etc. But when they grow, proteins decrease while energy consumption feeds doubles to enhance weight gain. Remember good weight equals excellent returns.

You should also note that since broilers are kept for meat production digestible crude protein(DCP) is required in large quantities of about 23 percent of the feed made.

Ingredient Quantity
Whole maize 57.2 kg
Soya bean meal20kg
Vitamins and minerals 140g
Broiler starter feeds formula 100kgs


Ingredient Quantity
Maize 44kg
Soybean full fat34kg
Groundnut cake2kg
Brewer dry grain12kg
Maize offal4kg
Bone meal3kg
Vitamins and minerals 250g
Salt 250g
Broiler feeds finisher formula 100kg first method

Don’t forget to add 10g of growth stimulators like zinc bacitracin, coccidiostat, and toxin binder in equal measure.

The above procedure encompasses Kcal/Kg=3038.80 of energy, 22 percent protein, and calcium of about 1.2 percent.

Ingredients Quantity
Maize whole grain14.5kg
Maize germ24kg
Wheat pollard19kg
Wheat bran14.4kg
Cotton seed meal16kg
Fish meal2.2kg
Soya meal5kg
Bone meal 90g
Premix grower20g
Zinc bacitracin10g
Broiler feeds finisher formula 100kg second method

Formula on how to make feeds for layers Chickens and improved kienyeji

Chick mash formula for ( 1 to 8 weeks chicks) in 100kg

When chicks are still small and growing they require Dcp in their feed formulation of about 18 to 20 percent.

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For excellent and fast growth, amino acids are key ingredients, in their feeds.

Below are the necessary ingredients required to make good quality 100 kilograms of chick mash.

Ingredients Quantity
Whole grain maize46kg
Wheat bran13kg
Wheat pollard10kg
Sunflower meal25kg
Fish meal 2.6kg
Premix 40g
Growth enhancers100g
toxin binder100g
Feed formula for chick mash

How to make 100kg growers mash feeds

The main ingredient for growers mash is protein that enhances the development of chick to fully grown adult Chicken. Protein is needed in large quantities of up to 20%.

Ingredients Quantity
Maize germ24.3kg
Wheat pollard18.6kg
Wheat bran14.3kg
Sunflower cake15.7kg
Bone meal 1kg
Fish meal4.3kg
zinc bacitracin5g
toxin binder10g
Soya meal4.9kg
Feed formula for growers mash

How to make 100kg layers mash

Before I continue, layers mash should never be fed to birds below 4 months, this is because they comprise a large amount of calcium, which can cause kidney problems in younger birds.

The best time to feed layers mash is when they start laying, probably after one week.

Ingredients Quantity
Whole maize48.5kg
Soya meal17kg
Fish meal11kg
Wheat bran14kg
Premix or production enhancers200g
toxin binder75g
Feed formula for layers mash first method
Ingredients Quantity
Soybean meal20kg
Groundnut cake6kg
Rice bran4kg
Bone meal5kg
Limestone 5kg
Vitamin and minerals200g
Toxin binder100g
Layers mix100g
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Feed formula for layers mash second method

You can also add some feed additives like coccidiostat. please note digestible crude protein levels must be between 17 to 20%.

Calcium in layers helps in production of eggshells. If laying hens lack enough calcium in their daily meal, most definitely egg production might drop.

Feed formulation important procedures

After a successful feed-making process, it’s important to first isolate a few birds and observe their development. A clear indication of good quality feeds will make broilers grow fast and laying hens boost egg production.

Strictly use clean ingredients and free from contamination. Birds are so sensitive to degraded materials, therefore care to avoid them.

Be careful to purchase ingredients from established suppliers. Don’t settle on cheap ingredients rather than quality.

It’s essentially prudent to first mix micro nutrients like amino acids before mixing with the rest.

Manual drum mixture for poultry feeds

For cash strained/small-scale farmers it’s wise to use a drum mixer that can easily be made by your local welder for fully mixing ingredients. I’ve seen others using a shovel that comes with the disadvantage of uneven distribution of nutrients.

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