How to deposit money from M-Pesa to equity bank

How to deposit money from M-Pesa to equity bank

The process of transaction between equity and mpesa has recently become simple and easier. All you need to have is a phone and an equity bank paybill number.

The equity bank paybill number that help to simplify this process is 247247.

However, you should be aware that mpesa charges might apply according to the amount of cash in transfer.

How do I deposit/transfer money from mpesa to equity bank account?

Below are simple processes you must follow to easily complete transferring money from mpesa to equity bank.

  1. Head over to your phone and click mpesa menu.
  2. Choose lipa na mpesa option
  3. Select paybill option
  4. Key in 247247 when asked for paybill business number
  5. Next, enter your equity bank account number to receive money
  6. Proceed and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  7. The last and final step is to provide mpesa pin and press ok.
  8. Wait for a pop-up screen that will ask you to check and confirm if all details are correct.

After confirmation, just wait a few milliseconds for mpesa and equity bank successful messages on your phone.

There are times that confirmation messages take hours to arrive but you shouldn’t worry as still the money gets to your bank account.

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Benefits of sending money to equity bank account via M-Pesa

M-Pesa and equity bank transactions simplify bank procedures and eliminate tedious, time-consuming processes of occasionally visiting bank offices/branches.

Whether you are a business person who is too occupied or anyone who has a bank account with equity the process is so convenient.

Here are the advantages and benefits of using mpesa to equity bank money transfer


With so many people so preoccupied with everyday activity, this process helps to solve all the hassles through mobile money transfer.


The process is safe since you don’t have to carry liquid cash in your pocket or bag. The stress and fear involved in carrying large sums of money to the bank are sorted.


The fees charged by mpesa to transfer cash to your bank account, are much cheaper in comparison to depositing through bank offices if they are far from your residence.

Faster transactions

Money transfer is much quicker and faster as within seconds, the cash is in your bank account without struggle.

How do i transfer money from equity bank to mpesa

The procedure of sending money to your mpesa wallet from equity is much easier when in possession of equitel sim card.

If you don’t have the sim card , visit the nearest equity agent , register and link it with your bank account.

When not feeling the necessity of having equitel sim card , it’s convinient to register for equity mobile banking service by dialing *247# on your phone.

How to deposit money from equity to mpesa via Equitel sim card

  1. Click my money option on equitel sim card
  2. Select send money option and choose other options on the menu
  3. Key in the mpesa phone number you wish to send money
  4. Enter amount to send
  5. Confirm if all details are correct
  6. Proceed and put in your pin
  7. Confirm details again and hit send
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That’s it , the money will reflect on mpesa account recipient in no time as well as the deduction on your bank account.

How to transfer money from equity bank to mpesa via *247# USSD

  1. The first step is to dial *247# on your phone keypad
  2. Enter equity bank account pin and click ok
  3. A popup menu will show up
  4. On the menu select and click withdrawal option
  5. Next you will prompted to enter equity bank account pin once again.
  6. Finish and click ok.

Before using USSD service to withdraw cash you must make sure you have enough amount of cash for transfer to go through.

The most important thing about ussd transfer is that no smartphone is needed any type of phone can do.

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