How to check the nhif status in kenya 2023[EASY METHOD]

nhif status

In this article you will get to know the easiest and most reliable way to check your current NHIF status at the comfort of your living room.

In the current dispensation of technology, NHIF too has improved their services to align themselves with the new world.

These days you don’t need to waste your time queuing for long hours in their offices at huduma centre.

The National Health Insurance Fund has stood the test of time since it’s introduction by the first independent government in 1966.

Over that period the nhif fund has occasionally been reviewed to cater for the ever changing health care needs for the kenyan people.

The fund is important, since it helps in clearance of medical bills accrued by their members, spouses and also their children under the age of eighteen years.

How to easily check your current nhif status through sms

Below are 4 easy steps , you will need to follow to get your current NHIF status.

  1. Your simcard should be loaded with an airtime of 10 shillings, which is the current charge for the service.
  2. Head over to the message body and type (ID space and then your id number). For example, ID 12345785.
  3. After checking if the ID or passport details are okay , now send that message to 21101 and wait for a few minutes for response.
  4. That’s it!! Was that simple? I bet it was. The NHIF will give a detailed response on whether you are still eligible for their medical cover or not.

Note there are other ways to check for your nhif status though they are tedious and sometimes time consuming. Like you can visit their offices at huduma centre or you can also browse their website , which might be complicated at times.

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However, the ball is in your court to go for the tedious and time consuming method or the easiest one which we’ve outlined in this article.

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