Six Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Smart TV Kenya

Smart tv Kenya

This guide will assist you in determining what things you must consider before purchasing smart TV Kenya based on your budget, preferences, and needs.

Currently, most TVs that are sold in Kenya are smart TVs which are also referred to as connected TVs. They depict computers and entertainment with incorporated internet and a variety of free and paid apps. When planning to buy a smart TV Kenya, there are important things you must evaluate before making a purchase, like screen size, features, resolution, and many more which will be explained further in detail. Below are some significant considerations to make when shopping.


No matter the budget, finding an affordable smart TV is attainable since they come in different prices. However, you must keep in mind that a greater budget brings higher resolution, added features, and also a bigger screen size. It is worth investing in a higher-priced smart TV for long-term investment, but if you are cash-strapped you’ll still find a quality device in the market.

Screen size

Screen size has a meaningful effect on the TV’s price, so it’s important to determine the size you need before purchasing a new smart Tv. To determine the perfect screen size, room dimensions must be put into consideration. For instance, you’ll have the worst viewing experience if you ever purchase a 55-inches screen TV in a 100 square feet room.


Tv resolution is characterized by the number of vertical and horizontal pixels. Most TVs currently in the market come in different resolutions of 1080p, 4k, and 8k. For the best viewing experience and overall usage, getting a 4k resolution smart TV might be an excellent way to go. 8k resolution TVs are better compared to the latter, but they will drain your pockets since they are way too expensive. 1080p resolution TVs are nice, but I think they are outdated.


Most modern TVs come with built-in USB, HDMI, and other ports to provide easier integration with other home devices like computers, laptops, and sound devices. It’s crucial to check that the TV you are going to purchase provides easier integration with other devices.

Sound quality

Most people when buying smart tv Kenya occasionally overlook TV sound quality, which in essence should always be a priority. The reason why they don’t bother inspecting sound quality is because woofers and other sound devices equip TV with excellent reassuring sound. Nonetheless, it’s important to have a smart TV with good-quality sound, just in case the sound device used fails to function.

Applications offered

The primary goal for purchasing smart TV is to entertain, and consequently, the preference for entertainment will be a key factor when choosing one. Most smart TVs come with pre-installed apps for entertainment like streaming and gaming apps. While others provide a platform where to download them. However, you should note that different brands provide a diversity of applications.

Anyone who wishes to purchase a TV should contemplate buying a smart Tv. While traditional TVs may be cheaper, you’ll be surprised how smart Tv Kenya are more affordable than ever before.


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