Top 3 best and trustworthy mobile loan apps in Kenya 2023

Best Mobile loan apps

Gone are the days where one had to queue for long hours in lending institutions like bank and saccos, looking for a quick loans. Advancement in technology, has led to the emergence of modern and efficient loan application ways through mobile loan apps.

Currently, there are so many mobile lending apps in the market. Some are new and others are established.

Need for quick instant loans without security or collateral has recently skyrocketed in Kenya.

There are wide range of mobile loan apps that can easily be downloaded in Google play store or app store. Some offers loan at higher interest rate while others do at a lower interest rate.

What are the best mobile loan apps in kenya

Below I have compiled the best loan apps in kenya that are efficient, trustworthy, and established. The choice is yours on which is the best and favorite according to your needs.

Tala mobile app

Tala is an established mobile app that has been in existence for a long period. It can offer loan of up to kes30,000 through mpesa in a couple of minutes after going through your credit worthiness record.

Tala loan app

You can get Tala loan app by downloading it at google play store or app store. It’s has a user friendly interface and easy to use. One the benefits of Tala is that they give a repayment schedule of 2 months.

Over time, the app is continuously updating, to make it more user-friendly, efficient and trustworthy. Through the tala loan app you can check loan limit eligible and how to increase.

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Maximum Tala loan limit

The maximum loan you can access on Tala, as earlier stated is kes30,000. However, this depends on various factors, like how often do you apply for loan and how long do you take to repay. And also how long have you been using the app.

One secret of increasing tala loan limit is to continuously application and consistently repayment of loan on time. You will be surprised how the loan limit will go up in a couple of months.

How to apply for loan on Tala mobile app

The first step is to download the app on Google playstore or appstore.

Open the app and fill your personal information like ID card details.

When approved choose the amount of loan you require and also the time to repay.

After completion, just wait for a few minutes, before tala sends your money through mpesa.

Note to give/allow the app with all permissions it might require, otherwise you might find challenges while using the app.

Honestly Tala is one of the best loan apps in kenya, since it has been in existence for longer time compared to others.

Branch loan app

Branch app is one best loan app in kenya, this is because it offers huge sums of loans to their clients.

Download this app on google play store and get quick loans for your business or other activities. The 24 hour customer support by branch app team is next to none.

Branch loan app limit

The maximum amount of loan you can apply is kes100,000 and the minimum loan limit amount is kes250. But with time and consistently paying loan on time, the loan limit will definitely improve.

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Branch loan app

Interesting part of using this app is that you don’t need collateral or guarantor for your loan to get approved.

Head over at Google play store, search and download for branch loan app, open the app and follow instructions on how to apply for loan.

Zenka loan app

Zenka loan app is one of the most reliable and efficient mobile lending app in kenya. It has a unique interface that distinguishes itself, from the rest.

Zenka loan app

It’s easy to use, due to its perfect and simple design that facilitates excellent registration and application process.

Zenka loan limit

The maximum amount of loan to apply is kes30,000 and good repayments procedure.

Just like other money lending apps after loan approval, it also loads money to your mpesa account.


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