Top 5 best and legit online surveys in Kenya that pay in dollars

best and legit online surveys

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money, you’ve probably come across the term ‘online surveys’ at some point. Online surveys can be a great way to make money, but they can also be challenging and not very rewarding if you don’t know where to look.

In this blog post, we will talk about the top online surveys sites that pay you in dollars. These are some of the best places where businesses actively look for user reviews from their customers.

Sign up as a user there, answer a few questions or even try joining companies as an employee and you have a chance of being paid for your opinion. These are some of the best online surveys to earn extra money by answering simple questions.


  • Rewards: Money, prize draws and vouchers
  • Amount payable per survey: $1
  • Maximum reward threshold: $5

Swagbucks is one of the largest and most reliable paid survey sites on the web. In fact, it’s one of the largest online survey sites period, with over 30 million users. That’s a huge number of people who are willing to participate in online surveys for a chance to earn points.

So what makes Swagbucks so popular? For starters, it’s not just for people who love answering questions. In fact, there are many different ways to earn points on Swagbucks.

You can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, playing games and even answering polls. Plus, you can redeem your points for gift cards to places like Amazon and Starbucks. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra money, Swagbucks is a great option!

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  • Rewards: paypal payments high-street and amazon vouchers
  • Amount payable per survey: $20
  • Maximum amount per hour: $6

Toluna is an online surveys site that allows you to participate in research studies and earn money for it.

You can choose between a variety of different tasks, including surveys and polls. Toluna offers paid surveys in exchange for your time and attention.

This means that you can make some extra cash while doing something that interests you. Toluna is perfect for those who want to earn an extra income. It’s also great for anyone who wants to try out new things. Toluna is very easy to use. All you have to do is sign up for an account, answer a few questions, then start taking surveys.

There are no special requirements or skills required. Toluna is available in over 50 countries around the world, so you can take part in as many studies as you like.

Branded Surveys

They are popular online survey that offers paid questionnaires in high volume.

  • Rewards: Gift cards and money
  • Amount per survey: $1
  • Minimum reward payout: $5.

Branded surveys is one of best online surveys in terms of compensations. Another thing is how simple and easy to use their site. In addition, they command a high number of 5 star reviews on trust pilot.

For every friend you convince to join Branded surveys through a link provided, you’ll get rewarded a small percentage of their earnings. Isn’t that amazing?

i-Say (IPSOS)

They are one of the largest and high paying online survey site. IPSOS collaborates with trusted and research companies all over the world.

  • Rewards – prize draws and amazon vouchers
  • Amount per survey – $1.
  • Minimum reward payout – $10.

IPSOS is a trustworthy online survey that weekly sends questionnaires to be answered through email. Due to their low rewards payout threshold, most people find it easy to withdraw their earnings, in just about 3 to 5 surveys.

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Onepoll is a popular online survey that offers short, easy and quick surveys which are completed in a couple of minutes. They mostly provide surveys for the press and prominent brands.

  • Rewards: cash paid through paypal.
  • Amount per survey – $1
  • Minimum reward payout threshold – $40.

Onepoll surveys offers interesting and fun questionnaires like about celebs, it will take you just about 3 minutes to complete survey.

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