8 best and high yielding cabbage varieties

cabbage varieties

There are huge number of cabbage varieties in the market which makes it difficult for any farmer to choose the best and high yielding one.

In this article we have identified 8 varieties which have shown to produce good results as mentioned above.

However before you plan on purchasing cabbage variety to plant ,there are various factors you should consider;

Time it takes to mature
Yield quantity – interms of kilograms
Tolerance to pests and diseases
Uniform and firmness in maturity.

Below are the best variety you should consider planting in your farm for excellent results.


Queen f1 is a hybrid cabbage variety which is highly ranked interms of production.
It’s price ranges from kes1800 to kes2000 per 10g.


  • Round and attractive in shape
  • Produces 4-5 kilograms head in maturity
  • Hard and firm variety
  • Takes only 85 days to mature
  • Highly tolerant to black rot


It’s a hybrid variety which does so well in highlands areas.
Gloria f1 price ranges from Kes750 to Kes800 currently – the price is due to change.


  • It’s head size can weigh up to 6kg
  • It’s round and attractive in shape
  • Has a long shelf life compared to other varieties
  • Highly tolerant to black rot
  • Matures in 85 days
  • Good field holding capacity


PRUKTOR is a hybrid and high yielding variety which price goes from Kes800 to Kes 900 per 10g.

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  • Head size weighs up to 4 to 5 kg
  • Just like other hybrid variety it’s also rounded in shape
  • Firm and compact
  • Highly tolerant to black rot and ring spot
  • Takes 3 months to mature after transplanting


Serena f1 is a pocket friendly variety for a farmer who doesn’t want to use much capital on seeds.

It will cost you around Kes300 for a 10 g satchet.


  • Exhibits excellent pest and cabbage diseases tolerance
  • Produces attractive and rounded heads
  • It’s heads weigh around 4-5kg
  • Serena only takes about 3 months to mature
  • Longer shelf life


Riana f1 is a quality cabbage and highly marketable variety due it’s huge heads and firmness.


  • Weighs 5 – 6 kg when fully grown
  • Excellent tolerance to many cabbage diseases and pests
  • Matures very fast , within three months you can start transporting to the market

6. Victoria f1

This cabbage is fast growing variety which takes just 70 days to mature. It’s ideal for growers and marketers due to it’s attractive appearance.


  • High yielding – can produce 50 tonnes in an acre
  • Firm and big head
  • Easy to sell due to it’s attractive nature
  • Pest and diseases resistant
  • Matures in uniform and has a longer shelf life

7. Polo f1

This is the newest cabbage variety which is improved to mature very and informally.

It’s disease resistant and high yielding at the same time, which makes it best among other seed varieties.


  • Possess attractive light green big heads which weighs up to 6kg
  • High yielding variety
  • Easily adjusts to any climatic conditions
  • Uniform and firm
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8. Sunny F1

It’s a fast growing variety which merely takes 70 days to mature. Sunny f1 is perfect for marketers since it’s easier to sell in the market.


  • Huge head in maturity
  • Weighs 5kg
  • Highly tolerant to diseases
  • Suitable to adverse weather conditions

Quantity of seeds required in an acre

Basically in an acre of land a farmer only needs 120g of cabbage seeds. It’s advisable to plant your seeds in seed trays
for about four weeks before transplanting.

NOTE: Before transplanting seedlings need to be hardened so as to cope with the current environmental conditions.

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