7 Unique and Simple Ideas for Crafting Chicken Nest Boxes

7 Unique and Simple Ideas for Crafting Chicken Nest Boxes

Whether you’re a small scale poultry farmer or have an entire farm full of chickens, you know that having quality chicken nest boxes for your feathered friends is important.

With just a few tools, you can easily craft some beautiful and unique laying nests that will add essence to your property.

In this article, we’ll check out seven unique ideas for crafting DIY chicken nest boxes. From simple designs to more complex options, these interesting solutions will not only get you enlightened but also give you important advice on how to make the best ones for your coop. So let’s get started!

Make Nest Boxes From Wooden Crates

If you’re looking fo a unique and modern way to draft your chicken nest boxes, why not give wooden crates a go? It’s an easy and affordable way to make a custom-sized nest that is both practical and esthetically pleasing.

You can find the ideal size of wooden crate for your chickens at most hardware stores. Once you’ve found the right crates, all you need to do is fill them with wood shavings. To keep predators out, make sure each box has a secure door and metal hinges on the outside. You can also paint or stain the crates to match your backyard décor!

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Build a Nest Box From Recycled Materials

Getting creative and using recycled materials is always a great idea. Whether you’re building a comfy home for your chickens or looking for methods to reduce waste, take a look around your home for some clever finds that can serve as an alternative to traditional building materials.

For instance, you can repurpose wooden pallets to make your chicken nest boxes. Or, try reusing an old tire and adding some straw and pine shavings for added comfort.

Make an Easy Nest Box From Cardboard

You might not be ready to build from scratch, but you can still create an easy and unique one. All you need is some cardboard boxes and a few supplies to make your chicken a cozy place to lay eggs. Here are the steps:

Gather your supplies: cardboard boxes, plain white paper, tape, glue, and scissors.

Cut off the flaps of the box and use tape or glue to securely attach them together until you have a single box shape about 8-10 inches high.

Cut out two little holes on opposite sides near the top of the box for air flow.

Line the inside of the box with white paper for insulation and softness; this will also help with cleaning out any messes afterwards.

Place your nest box in an area with low traffic but easy access so that your chickens can feel safe while they rest and lay eggs.

Making a unique nest box out of cardboard is definitely doable and will help create a flawless environment for your feathered friends to be comfortable in without needing too many tools or too much time!

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Transform a Plastic Container Into a Stylish Nesting Spot

Who said your chicken coop had to be boring? With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can easily turn a plastic container into an attractive laying box that looks great and is functional too.

Here’s how:

Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need an opaque plastic container with a secure lid (at least 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep). You’ll also need some craft supplies, such as paint, stencils or stickers, to decorate your nesting box.

Prep the Container

Your first step is to thoroughly clean the container with warm soapy water and let it dry before you start decorating it. Next, drill small holes all around the box near the top of the sides (at least one-eighth of an inch in diameter), which allows air to circulate inside.


Now it’s time for the fun part! Get inventive with your decorations—paint pretty designs on the outside using non-toxic paint or stencils, attach colorful ribbons or yarn around the edges to give it a fun look, or glue fun stickers on top for a personalized touch. You can also make perches out of popsicle sticks or dowels to attach on either side of the opening for your chickens to hop in and out easily.

Once your masterpiece is finished, simply add some hay into your DIY nesting box and let your chickens get comfy!

Create an Open Roof Nesting Space for Larger Breeds

This is perfect for those looking to keep their larger chicken breeds, like Rhode Island Reds, comfortable. An open roof style of nesting box is constructed like any other, but with an open-roof section allowing plenty of fresh air in while they lay their eggs.

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Be sure to add plenty of extra insulation if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, or your chickens will be too uncomfortable to lay eggs. You can also use a variety of materials to build these nest boxes such as wood, plastic and metal. Here are a few guidelines to follow when building an open roof nesting box:

Start by creating the wall frame around the edges

Add a door or other form of access if desired

Cut out roof sections made from plywood and install hinges at the top so they can be opened/closed as needed

Line the walls and floor with hay or other layers of insulation as desired

Mount the roof sections onto the frame and latch them securely shut when not in use

Convert an Old Crate Into a Luxurious Chicken Home

Searching for a high-end home for your chickens? Look no further than an old wooden crate! Just think of all the possibilities—you can paint it any color you like, decorate it with wooden carvings, use some wood glue to put together some precious planks, and maybe even add a few wheels so you can easily move it around.

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