7 best and high yielding tomato varieties in 2023

tomato varieties in kenya

Choosing  correct tomato varieties, is the most important decision any new or experienced farmer can take.

In this post we shall be discussing the best and high yielding varieties that gives you maximum returns.

Within an acre a farmer using the right tomato variety, can be sure to harvest more than 25 tonnes.

Though there are other factors to consider and not solely on variety.

Below are the most resistant and high yielding tomato varieties that will do well in many parts of the country.

Best tomato varieties

We have compiled a list of  7 best varieties which are high yielding and also disease resistant.

  1. RAMBO F1
  3. ROCKY F1
  5. STRIKE F1
  6. TWIGA F1
  7. ZARA F1


It’s high ranking variety among many happy farmers. Rambo f1 is a must plant if you want high yields.

Rambo f1 tomato
Rambo f1 tomato

The reason why it’s one of best among other tomato variety is:

  •  It only takes about 75 days after transplanting to give you fruits.
  •  Produces big fruits which can weigh up to 150g to 170g in maturity.
  • In one acre a farmer can expect to harvest over 30 tonnes.
  •  Has an excellent shelf life, which means it can take 14 to 19 days without losing quality after harvesting.
  •  Due to it’s stems firmness fruits do not fall-off from the plant thereby minimising losses.
  • Produces over 90% grade 1 fruits if fed well, thereby giving high returns on capital.
  • High tolerance to all types of bacterial wilt which are so depressing for many farmers.
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Terminator f1 is a determinate high yielding variety which produces huge oval shaped fruits.

Terminator f1 tomato
Terminator f1 tomato

Below are the characteristics and why it emerges as the best to plant this season.

  • It only takes 75 to 80 days to mature.
  • Produces big fruits which weigh around 120g to 130g.
  • In an acre you can be sure to harvest over 20 tonnes.
  •  Can be stored up to 21 days after harvest without losing quality. Making it ideal for transportation and market.
  • Highly resistant to yellow leaf curl and many bacterial diseases.


Rocky f1 is a determinate tomato variety which is one of best in high yielding and also portraying excellent bacterial diseases resistance.

Below are some of these reasons why it’s ranked high in terms of productivity .

  •  Can produce over 30 tonnes in one acre of land.
  •  Just takes two months and a half to mature after transplanting.
  • Produces fruits which can weigh upto 150g per fruit.
  •  Good shelf life – can be stored for over 20 days after harvesting.
  •  Strong plant and firm fruits production.
  •  High bacterial diseases resistant .


One of the best open field variety which produces big oval shaped fruits that weigh up to 150g.


  • Takes only 75 days to mature.
  • Shelf life of up to 21 days.
  • Disease and bacterial wilt resistant
  •  High yielding – produces over 30 tonnes in one acre.


It’s a determinate tomato variety which produces oval and heavy fruits which is ideal for good market.

Strike f1 tomato
Strike f1 tomato

What are the benefits of planting this variety?

  •  Big fruits production which can weigh up to 130g.
  •  Quick maturity as it takes 75 days to start harvesting.
  •  Longer shelf life
  •  High yielding tomato variety – 20tonnes per acre
  •  Highly resistant to Fusarium Wilt and
    Verticillium Wilt.
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Twiga f1 tomato

It’s an indeterminate tomato variety that is high yielding and posses high tomato disease resistance.

Twiga f1 tomato
Twiga f1 tomato

Benefits of planting twiga f1 tomato variety

Does well in greenhouse as well as outdoors

High maturity rate of about 60 to 70 days

Longer harvesting period of 6 to 8 months

Yellow Leaf curl and bacterial wilt disease resistant

Suitable for long transportation distance due to it’s longer shelf life of more than 21 days

Has a yield potential of producing 20 to 25 kg per plant and 50 -60 tonnes in an acre

Zara f1 tomato variety

Zara f1 is a hybrid and high yielding variety that performs so well in high altitudes.

Zara f1 tomato
Zara f1 tomato

Characteristics of zara f1 variety

Longer shelf life therefore excellent in long distance transportation

Regular production of uniform and high quality fruits

Bacterial wilt disease resistant

Zara is capable for 20 to 25 tonnes fruits production



Above varieties are best tomato variety which has shown to do well in kenya.

However to get maximum returns one has to follow other factors like; type of soil , fertiliser application , diseases and bacterial prevention through spraying of recommended chemicals.

And other many factors which will be discussed on this blog.

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