5 proven natural antibiotics to treat sick chicken

Natural antibiotics

Occasionally as a poultry farmer, you will find a sick chicken in your farmyard. But did you know that there are several natural antibiotics, methods, and ways to treat some of these chicken diseases?

In fact, in the old days, these were methods that were used to treat sick chickens, and boom!! It used to work.

Natural ways are excellent practice to care for sick chickens, especially against common diseases. However, if by bad luck symptoms persist, it’s advisable to enquire with your local veterinarian for a substantive remedy.

Kienyeji chicken Natural antibiotics

Currently, there are few natural antibiotics to treat these diseases. If you wish to run an organic poultry farm, using natural antibiotics is the perfect solution for you.

Too much use of artificial antibiotics on chickens not only reduces their immunity but also builds resistance to those antibiotics.

Below are proven natural remedies which have been used for over a thousand years by chicken keepers and they are perfect than using expensive remedies which sometimes do not work.


Garlic is the most common natural antibiotic which can be used by first drying, crushing into small powder, and mixing it with chicken feeds. One to two spoonfuls per day is perfect.

Garlic cloves can also be added to their drinking water every three days to increase chicken immunity.

For sick and unwell chickens it’s better to increase the dosage to four spoonfuls of powdery garlic.

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Sulphur compounds found in garlic, studies have shown that they have no side effects on chicken health even when used for a long time as compared to artificial antibiotics.

Apple cider vinegar

This natural antibiotic is perfect for both prevention and at the same time curing some stubborn and most common chicken diseases.

It’s effective when added daily either in their feeds or in their drinking water.

For prevention purposes, Apple cider vinegar is particularly useful in building strong immunity.

Surprisingly it can also act as a probiotic, effectively eliminating and scaring away intestinal parasites in chickens.

Apple cider vinegar has curing effectiveness in clearing mucous from the throat of a bird that has been attacked by respiratory disease.

The optimum dosage should be 50mm to 2 litres of water and administer this solution for at least 4 days.

Note you should never administer Apple cider vinegar directly to your sick chicken since it can harm its throat. It’s only advisable to dilute with water before giving it.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil is the perfect remedy for preventive and curative purposes.

Studies have shown that oregano oil is more powerful than most artificial antibiotics currently on the market.

It has proven to work against microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, and viruses which cause severe diseases in birds.

In treating sick birds, you can add 2 to 3 drops for about three days and can be sure to see a positive result.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Highly advisable to add a few fresh oregano leaves to their daily feeds to act as a feed supplement.

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Cinnamon is a spice that has shown antibiotic properties. Moreover, when added to their feeds weekly, can help in fighting dangerous infections which tend to have negative effects on birds.

Boil cinnamon for about 15 minutes and administer when cool to sick chicken.

Aloe Vera

I don’t know how I never mentioned this one earlier. Aloe Vera is the most powerful natural antibiotic to have ever existed. It has continued to be used for many years due to its healing properties.

Aloe Vera is effective in treating over 40 chicken diseases and that includes mitigating the effects of deadly Newcastle disease.


You should always note that natural antibiotics are powerful when used as preventive measures rather than as curative techniques.

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