10 Important Tomato Growth hacks to follow for a Bumper Harvest

Tomato growth hacks

Tomatoes are the most commonly grown vegetables in most peoples gardens or farms. It’s every farmers dream to get a bumper harvest than not. If you need to get high yields, you’ll have to follow important tomato growth hacks carefully.

The problem with tomato farming is that it’s also the most challenging task especially among most new farmers. They are always hit with challenges like; fusarium wilt and blossom end rot.

To fight off this common challenges one need to carefully follow these proven tomato growth hacks and get high tomato yields in the garden.

What causes tomato plants to grow faster

The only secret of growing tomatoes is feeding them with nutrients in high volume since the crops are known as heavy feeders. Failure to which will lead to low quality harvests.

Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the major macro nutrients required by tomato plants. Moreover, tomatoes also need micro nutrients like magnesium which aides in faster growth. If plants are magnesium deficient, they suffer from stunted growth.

What Is the Best Recommended Fertilizer for Tomatoes

The best fertilizer required depends with the type of nutrients already in the soil. Nonetheless, tomatoes mainly rely on NPK( Nitogen, phosphorus and potassium ) fertilizer. Though the amounts needed varies with the plants growth cycles.

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10 Tomato Growth Hacks to Get High Yields

Tomato growth hacks

If you are yearning for high tomato yields, you must get tomato growth hacks that has worked with the most experienced tomato gardeners over the years. Success starts from seeds all the way to harvesting fruits. Here are key practices to follow.

Select Correct Variety for your Climate

If you want to get a high yield from your tomatoes, you need to choose the right variety for your climate. There are many different varieties of tomato, and each one thrives in different conditions.

Some varieties are better suited to warm climates, while others do better in cooler conditions. If you want to get the best possible yield, you need to choose a variety that will do well in your particular climate.

You can ask your local nursery or gardening store for advice on which variety would be best.

Start Tomato Plants From Seedlings

Seedlings are young plants that have already grown and have begun to grow. They can be bought from most garden supplies, or you can start them yourself from seed.

Starting your tomato plants from seedlings is a great way to get a head start on the growing season. It also allows you to control the environment in which they grow, and choose the varieties that you want to grow.

To start your tomato plants from seedlings, you will need to purchase some quality seeds from a reputable supplier. You will also need to provide them with the proper care and attention, including watering and fertilizing them regularly.

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Harden Off Tomato Plants Before Transplanting

Hardening off your tomato plants before transplanting them into the garden is crucial for their health and growth.

To harden off your tomato plants, start by acclimating them to the outdoors. Gradually increase time they spend outdoors over a period of of one week. Then, transplant them into their final area in the garden.

Once they are transplanted, water them regularly and fertilize them. With proper care, your tomato plants will thrive and produce a bountiful harvest.

Space Tomato Plants Adequately

If you want to increase your chances of a high yield harvest, make sure to space your tomato plants adequately. Each plant should have about two feet of space in all directions so that it can grow properly. If you crowd your plants too closely together, they will compete for nutrients, and the overall yield will be lower.

Transplant Tomato Plants Deep Into the Soil

Tomato plants are one of the few vegetables that will actually grow new roots along their stems if you bury them deep enough in the soil.

So, when you’re transplanting your tomato plants, bury them up to their necks in the soil.

Doing this will encourage the plant to grow new roots, which will lead to a healthier plant and a higher yield.

Stake or Cage Tomato Plants

If you live in an area with high winds, you’ll want to stake or cage your tomato plants. This will keep them from being knocked over and will help them to grow straight.

Staking tomato plants is also a good practice if you have limited space. It allows you to grow more plants in a smaller area. Caging tomato plants will also help to keep the fruit off the ground, which will prevent it from rotting.

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Water Tomatoes Regularly and Evenly

Watering your tomatoes regularly and evenly is crucial for a high yield harvest. It’s advisable to water your plants in the morning to help the leaves have time to dry before evening. This will help prevent diseases. Be sure to also water the soil, not just the leaves.

Apply Mulching

Mulching your tomatoes is a great way to help suppress weeds and conserve moisture. You can use any number of materials for mulch, including straw, grass clippings, leaves, or even cardboard. Just make sure that the material you use is organic and free of chemicals.

Mulching also helps to keep the fruit clean and free of dirt and debris. It’s a good idea to apply a fresh layer of mulch every few weeks, or as needed.

Fertilize Tomatoes Throughout the Growing Season

Fertilizing tomatoes is important to ensure a high yield harvest, but it’s also important to fertilize them throughout the growing season. Tomato plants are heavy feeders and will need to be fertilized every two weeks or so.

When applying fertilizer, make sure to do it in the morning. Also, be sure to water the plants thoroughly after fertilizing to wash away any fertilizer that might have been applied too heavily and could burn the plants.

Harvest Tomatoes Frequently

One of the best ways to increase your tomato yield is to harvest them frequently. tomatoes that are left on the vine will continue to ripen, but they will also start to lose their flavor. By harvesting them regularly, you can enjoy them at their peak of flavor and get the most out of your crop.


By following these ten tomato growth hacks, you can expect a high yield of delicious, red tomatoes come harvest time.

Some say that following these simple tricks they immediately see an increase in harvest by 50 to 75%, so make sure to give it a try and see what happens in your farm this season.

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