Top 10 Highest Mountains Africa: Which Is The Highest?

Mount Kenya - highest mountains africa

Here we take a look at 10 of the highest mountains Africa with some information about their location, height, and difficulty level for anyone who wants to climb them without taking on too much risk.

Africa is home to the highest mountains in the world. In fact, the continent is home to the highest peaks in all of North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Mountains are a challenge to climb, but they’re also an opportunity to explore and discover new places. Many hikers will tell you that climbing a mountain gives one a sense of accomplishment that cannot be matched by anything else.

That being said, not all mountains are created equal. Some have more virtue than others when it comes to hiking them or even reaching their peak.

Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 Meters)

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and the highest mountains in Africa. It is located in Tanzania and rises about 5,895 meters (16,000 feet) above sea level. The mountain has two peaks: Kibo at 5,895 metres (19,341 feet) and Mawenzi at 5,708 metres (18,807 feet).

It is found in northeastern Tanzania which is just a few kilometres away from the Kenyan border. Kilimanjaro has a unique geology surrounded by large water bodies that make it experience changing environmental conditions throughout the years.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a perfect place for people who want to explore and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Mount Kenya (5,199 Meters)

Mount Kenya - highest mountains africa
Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is one of the highest mountains in Africa and the highest in Kenya. It constitutes the centerpiece of Mount Kenya National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The mountain rises steeply above the surrounding terrain of rolling grasslands, lobelias, and acacia trees. The mountain’s northern side is covered by a dense tropical forest, while its southern slopes are home to a wide variety of habitats including forests, grassland, scrubland, and alpine desert.

This Mountain is located in the central part of Kenya, north of the equator. It’s majestic, beautiful and an excellent natural resource for the country.

Mount Stanley (5,109 Meters)

Mount Stanley
Mount Stanley

Mount Stanley (5,109 Meters) is a mountain in Uganda. It is the highest mountain in that country, the highest point of the Rwenzori Mountains range, and one of the highest mountains in Africa. Mount Stanley lies in the western part of Kidepo Valley National Park, near Lake Edward. The mountain has two main summits: Mount Stanley East (4,090 meters) and Mount Stanley West (4,098 meters). Both summits are at an elevation of 4,090 metres above mean sea level.

Mount Stanley is a popular hiking destination due to its easy accessibility from the city of Kampala via the Kidepo Valley Road. The park’s headquarters are located on the shores of Lake Edward, where there are camping sites and other facilities for visitors. There are several other national parks nearby, including Murchison Falls National Park.

Mount Stanley was first climbed by an expedition led by German explorer Henry Morton Stanley in 1874. A second attempt made by John Kirk in 1883 was unsuccessful as he became lost in a thick bush; he was only rescued after being spotted from afar by a passing safari guide. In 1960 an American team led by Jim Whittaker successfully climbed Mount Stanley West without any loss of life or equipment (a record that still stands today).

Mount Speke (4,890 Meters)

Mount Speke
Mount Speke

Mount Speke is one of the highest mountains that can be found in Uganda. It rises to an elevation of 4,890 meters above sea level and is in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The dominant vegetation type on the mountain is grassland with areas of bushland and shrubland.

There are also patches of montane forest, particularly along the edges of the grasslands and near water sources. The high altitude is responsible for making the mountain cooler than it might otherwise be and supporting a number of alpine plants, including some endemic to this region.

It is home to several species of primates including golden monkeys and vervet monkeys as well as other ungulates such as bushbuck, duikers, and black-backed jackals. Other mammals that are found here include rodents, bats, leopards, and elephants. Reptiles such as pythons also make their homes here.

The mountain is named after Sir Richard Francis Burton who was one of the first Europeans to climb it in 1858. Burton was also the first European to reach Lake Victoria from Uganda.

Mount Baker (4,843 Meters)

Mount Baker
Mount Baker

Mt. Baker is a 4,843 meter (16,002 ft) peak located in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in southern Uganda. The mountain is named after George Baker, a British explorer who was the first European to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and the first person to climb Mount Everest.

Mt. Baker, which lies on the border of Rwanda and the DRC, is one of the “Seven Summits” that all climbers must complete to earn the title of “mountaineer.” Despite its height and difficulty, Mt. Baker is one of the most popular mountains for climbers to scale due to its accessibility from nearby cities like Entebbe, Kampala, and Kigali.

There are several trails that lead up Mt. Baker, but they are all fairly short as they all start at around 1,000 meters (3,300 ft), so they’re not suitable for more experienced climbers who have already completed other peaks like Mt. Everest.

From Entebbe, it is possible to walk straight up Mt. Baker, but since it is so close to several major towns along the shores of Lake Victoria and Lake Edward, there are several other ways to get around this problem.

To get to Mount Baker from Kampala, it is possible to fly into Kigali’s international airport, board a scenic boat ride across Lake Victoria.


Other highest mountains Africa

  • Mount Emin ( 4,798 meters) in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Mount Gessi ( 4715 meters) in Uganda
  • Mount Meru ( 4,566 meters) in Arusha national park
  • Simien Mountains (4,533 Meters) in Ethiopia
  • Mount Karisimbi (4,507 Meters) Virunga National Park, Congo
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